It’s common for manufacturers to keep an in-house R&D team for the typical product updates and small change requests from the sales department. When it’s time to invest in new product development, resources can be stretched and often the necessary skill-set to efficiently take a concept through to production is not there. This is where we can really help as a ‘bolt-on’ to your permanent team.   

We use the latest version of SolidWorks which can import CAD models from many other software packages. We use this for all our 3D CAD and engineering drawings.

If you needed us to work in an older version of SolidWorks to match with what you use it is not a problem as we are fully licensed and have a maintained software subscription. 

No problem. We’re able to suggest manufacturing partners who we trust but appreciate that you may well have ongoing relationships in place yourself. All work produced will be to a standard that can be used and understood by any supplier.

Any IP that is created during the course of our work on your project is 100% yours upon settling any outstanding invoices.  

This may be possible and for longer engagements we offer a discounted hourly rate. Happy to discuss this if it makes economic sense for you.

Predominantly work is carried out off-site, but if you need us in for regular review meetings that is not a problem. Communication is important and with email, skype and cloud access to shared files it’s easier than ever to keep in touch. 

Yes, we are a limited company (established in 2014) and VAT registered.  

We are an established design consultancy working with several clients at any one time. We use our own hardware, software and work remotely to achieve your project needs. We pass all tests for IR35 compliance.