What we do.

Specification – Agreeing a development timeline and product attributes. Competitor analysis and definition of specific performance metrics.

Concept design – Initial ideas for the look and feel of a product.

Concept development – The addition of engineering detail. Turning preliminary CAD into 3D parts which fit together.

Prototyping – Physical exploration of the design and evaluation. How strong or heavy is it?, is it comfortable to hold, does a mechanism work? 

Design development – Adjustments and control drawings. 

Intellectual Property – Recording and protecting identifiable IP.

Marketing visuals – Photorealistic renderings to sell a product.

Production quotation – Engaging factories in the UK, Europe and far east for guide manufacturing costs.

Quality and testing – Safety, consistency and compliance.

Packaging & Graphics – Support for artwork and instructions.

Grant Applications – We have secured over £175k of grant funding for design projects in the last 3 years. 

Depending on your project it may be the case that not all stages of work are required. We’re happy to assist with as much or as little as you need and can operate as a standalone resource or as a bolt-on to your existing team. We pride ourselves on being a dependable design consultancy that will respond quickly and be your instinctive ‘go-to’ for future work.

How we work with you - our commitment to guide and support your project

When we are commissioned to join an existing team we happily go the extra mile to look out for our clients interests.

This may include:

  • Advice for ways to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Spotting opportunities for grant funding.
  • Representing their company in meetings.
  • Advice on ‘exit strategies’ to make money.
  • Being a sounding board for new ideas.
  • Suggesting suitable manufacturing partners.
  • Guidance on IP (Intellectual Property)

We can offer a complete solution

As a consultancy we have a well practiced methodology for quickly and efficiently generating ideas. We can work with you to develop ideas and present options for how your product could look. Frequently we are asked to explore ideas for mechanisms and how parts fit together; what materials could be used to give optimum results for strength, visual appearance and economy. 

Concept design & development are important early stages in the design process as a broad range of solutions are quickly produced and their relative pros and cons discussed. This quick evaluation process helps to confirm the viability of a project and offer the first glimpse of what the product could look like.

Prototyping is the first opportunity to get a ‘real world’ feel for the product. Drawings and computer visuals are excellent for exploring the look of a product, but evaluation of size, weight, strength and integration with other bought-in components requires a physical model.

We have in-house prototyping facilities for creating quick models which can be used to check the form and function of the design as it is evolving. Having this resource in-house is very time efficient as often parts can be created in just a few hours. For greater accuracy and where a high cosmetic appearance is required we use professional model making agencies.   

Designs are always developed with production in mind. Which materials and methods of manufacture work best? What kind of dimensional tolerances are achievable? Which technologies are economic to employ if you require a small or large run of parts.

We create detailed technical drawings which fully define the dimensional accuracy expected from a manufacturer. Drawings specify the material, surface finish and any special notes for ensuring accurate production and assembly with other parts. 

Take the next step

Whether you are considering launching your own product or require help to supplement your existing engineering team the process is simple. Have a look at the FAQ section at the top of the page for answers to common questions and then when you’re ready get in touch.

Please email:  or call +44(0)7971 391 178 for an initial conversation about your project.

Note: Intellectual Property.
We take IP seriously and will never ask you to give out sensitive information about your project before an NDA is in place to protect your idea. Our first conversation together will be to discuss your requirements in a very broad context and for me to explain my relevant experience to you. If we both feel that it is sensible to explore the project together we can send you our standard NDA and arrange a meeting.