What we do.

Specification – Agreeing a development timeline and product attributes. Competitor analysis and definition of specific performance metrics.

Concept design – Initial ideas for the look and feel of a product.

Concept development – The addition of engineering detail. Turning preliminary CAD into 3D parts which fit together.

Prototyping – Physical exploration of the design and evaluation. How strong or heavy is it?, is it comfortable to hold, does a mechanism work? 

Design development – Adjustments and control drawings. 

Intellectual Property – Recording and protecting identifiable IP.

Marketing visuals – Photorealistic renderings to sell a product.

Production quotation – Engaging factories in the UK, Europe and far east for guide manufacturing costs.

Quality and testing – Safety, consistency and compliance.

Packaging & Graphics – Support for artwork and instructions.

Depending on your project it may be the case that not all stages of work are required. We’re happy to assist with as much or as little as you need and can operate as a standalone resource or as a bolt-on to your existing team. We pride ourselves on being a dependable design consultancy that will respond quickly and be your instinctive go-to for future work.

As a design consultancy we cover a broad range of services. Recently, we worked with a client to design and produce a flight simulator desk which is being used as an education tool in secondary schools and collages. 

This video gives an overview of some of the key considerations that were given to product design.